The fiber

The product family is based on a development of the physicist Edgar van Hattum (see among others Patent Pub. No. WO/2015/144123 – Int. Appl. No.: PCT/DE2015/000155) which opens completely new possibilities through unique technical features and characteristics.

The developed material – a nanofiber – is a metallized wire netting with a core consisting of a nanofiber with a diameter of 50nm to 800nm. In addition, the material is coated with metal particles which are inside in a way that the plastic fiber is isolated in a mantle.

Due to the internal core and the metallic coating, layers evaporate and produce charge potentials. The material is asymmetrical ductile and there is no risk of decomposition or re-oxidation of functional layers. This introduces new characteristics which enable a wide range of applications e.g. heat absorption/cooling, protection from electromagnetic (EM) radiation, thermal wave heating inside the wavelength region of 2.3 – 4.4 nm, the fundamental water window (constant humidity and no convection flow), medical devices, textile systems, etc.