The basis for the following designs and products are the below listed patents, which are held by Feego Lizenz GmbH and were developed by the physicist Edgar Johannes van Hattum. TIC Technology Innovation Competence GmbH have their own rights of use for these technologies.

1. Plastic fibre with electrical conductivity

Application number PCT/DE2015/000153 of 26.03.2015
Publication No WO/2015/144121 of 01.10.2015

Summary of the patent:

The fibre is made of plastic and has electrical conductivity. The fibre material is separated by a base material made out of PET. Elements are embedded in the base material. The elements exhibit an atomic order of magnitude and overlap at least partially with their electron clouds.

2. Method for generating radiation in the infrared range

Application number PCT/DE2015/000154 of 26.03.2015
Publication number WO/2015/144122 of 01.10.2015

Summary of the patent:

The process is used to generate radiation in the infrared range. A radiation generator is electrically supplied and transforms at least part of the electrical supply energy into infrared radiation. The Radiation generator comprises at least one plastic fibre. The fiber and exhibits electrical conductivity on. The fibre material is formed by a PET base material. In the basic material are elements stored. The elements have an atomic order of magnitude and overlap at least with their electron clouds.

3. Heat radiation generating device

Application number PCT/DE2015/000155 of 26.03.2015
Publication No WO/2015/144123 of 01.10.2015

Summary of the patent:

The device for generating thermal radiation has a fibrous electrical connection in the region of a substrate. Conductive material provided with a contact for connection to an electrical power supply. A basic material component is formed by PET, which is doped with suitable doping elements, characteristics can be imprinted.

4. Medical patent Insole for footwear

Application number 102014004597
Publication number 102014004597

Summary of the patent:

The insole is intended for use in footwear. The insole has at least one fibre to generate thermal energy. The basic material that forms the fibre is a PET material in which elements with radiation-relevant characteristics are embedded.