Heating with the great advantages of energy efficiency, the elimination of noise, the enormous weight savings and the considerable savings in assembly!

Surface heating system with spreadable and printable coating on acrylate or epoxy basis

Lux-fibre/foil or light foil, which can be used as a replacement for solar modules – independent of sunlight – daylight. And artificial light are converted into electricity at a very high efficiency. For cars, camper vans, Awnings, shipbuilding etc.

Sensor technology and monitoring in combination with measuring/indication sensor technology against Water intrusion and unauthorized access, tunnel construction and ship hull areas, containers, etc.

Current conductor with extremely low ohm resistance, as flat cable in the low voltage range.

Medical application in all areas of microcellular diseases and Vascular diseases based on oxygen potential and infrared antibacterial effects.

Diabetes, thrombocytes, vascular, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, cancer cell therapy, and blood cancer etc. as well as use in the areas of the warming soles, the legal “Doping agent” for athletes and textile-therapeutic applications.
Absorption of EM fields and emission in infrared waves, which directly affect the metabolism thus the human metabolism. Effects is the increased oxygen transport in hemoglobin by 8%-18%, usable as a legal “doping agent” and/or therapeutic approach in the field of microcellular Diseases. Expert opinion by the Charité Berlin.

Absorption of X-rays

Battery storage and offshore battery storage in megawatts for yachts, ships and offshore platforms. Battery storage no longer in series connection but sequential parallel connection. Increased lifecycles, better grid management, combined with a substantial Cost redundancy.

Polyurethane coating and plasto-elastic sealant for ship hull applications etc. Mineral corrosion protection