The material developed for the above-mentioned patents is a wire mesh metallised with nanofibres with a fiber with a diameter of 50nm to 800nm.
The material is not coated or coated with metal particles but the metal particles are located inside the plastic wire, which is thus insulated in a sheath.
The material was developed for the purpose of electromagnetic frequency wave absorption, whereby the EM compatibility is modular from 10Hz up to the lower ZetaHz range.

Specific frequencies can be left open according to customer requirements in order to communication or sensor technology transmission.

The material is characterized in particular by the fact that the frequency pulse in Hz-ZetaHz is accompanied by a wave up to 200Db is absorbed. It’s not an insulator for sound! There are no feedback or radiation frequencies caused by scattering or “scattering” such as in a stealth bomber, but the individual fibers break the modulation indifferently on area and depth of the material, which in turn is absorbed by the next fiber and again indifferently on surface and depth, so that the impulse of frequency is lost in the depth of the material. There won’t be much to see in the scanning electron microscope, because the material charges up, but then the static wave cleanly absorbed. In other words: the surface charges up well for a short period of time and conducts the pulse cleanly across its surface.

The electron conducting property in the low voltage range is very good. For the purpose of bidirectional communication, data can be sent and received in parallel within one wire!

Further processing of the fibre

The GMM/AS Systems cooperation will enable the further processing of the fibre by means of digital and screen printing as well as thermal pressing to laminate and fleece.

The further development to a surface heating system in the form of a conductive dispersion on acrylate-based or epoxy base as a spreadable and/or sprayable application opens up a wide range of further applications.

The control and regulation of all systems is available and is configurated project-related and customer-specific.