Shipping industry

Potential applications in the shipping industry:

  • EM absorption material / correction of interference frequencies and elimination of EM pulse performance.
  • Elimination of radar and sonar interfering sources as well as cable shielding and interception security classified according to DIN/EN and MIL.
  • Sensor technology and monitoring in combination with measuring and indication sensor systems. The material can be welded or embossed directly to prevent areas like the hull or containers from ingress of water or unauthorized access.
  • Electric conductor with extremely low ohmic resistance as flat cable in the low-voltage range.
  • Stealth applications according to MIL standard, invisibility to radar and sonar, room shielding and security against interception through very good attenuation and absorption of electromagnetic waves.
  • Battery storage in the megawatt range , longer battery life cycle, improved battery management system.
  • Polyurethan coating and plasto-elastic sealing for hull applications.
  • Furthermore heating and cooling / air-conditioning are of high significance for the shipbuilding industry – for all kind of vessels esp. passenger ships and the mega yacht industry. The major advantages of this fiber technology are the energy efficiency, noise reduction, the enormous weight savings and a substantial simplification of the ship assembly
  • Hydraulic system – heatable jacket for hydraulic hoses